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source: Homedit

Easy Steps to a DIY Penny Floor

Have you recently considered new flooring for your bathroom or kitchen? Instead of tile or wood, what if you created a floor made completely out of pennies? This fun project from Homedit allows you to create your own design for your floor or even the backsplash in your kitchen. You can do a interesting pattern or […]

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Brighten Your Kitchen

Bright Ideas to Liven Up Your Kitchen

Kitchens can become an overlooked part of a home when it comes to decorating, which is unfortunate, seeing as they are usually a central gathering place for the whole family. We found these great design tips from House Beautiful to create a happy kitchen that your family will want to spend time in, and you can […]

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source: Freshome

Creating a Cozy Home for Winter

With shortened daylight hours and gloomy weather outside, it is easy to see why so many people are stricken with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the new medical term for what we used to just call “the Winter Blues.” How ever you go about dealing with your winter woes, whether it be an increase in Vitamin D […]

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Achieving Balance

Achieving Balance

Usually with our great design posts we dig up some interesting tutorials for jazzing up your home. But, today we wanted to give you the foundation for good design so that you can make each room look fabulous with the things you already own that we adapted from feshome. There are a few basic design […]

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DIY Fabric Wall Art

The art that we hang on the walls of our homes is intended to make a statement and let our individual tastes shine through. One way to make sure that your home’s wall art says something about you is by creating it yourself! These DIY decorative wall plaques will give any space in your home […]

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Storing for Small Spaces

I can never find enough room for all of the stuff we seem to accumulate! But I enjoyed reading this article from Decorating Files, as it’s full of helpful tips for storing items in smaller rooms and areas around your home. These were my favorites, helping to be better organized: Embrace vertical storage! Floor to ceiling bookcases or […]

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Improve Your Dull Shoes

I don’t know about you, but I have a few pairs of shoes I bought on a whim that are now sitting in my closet collecting dust for some reason or another. Maybe they don’t match anything, or I liked them at first but now I just think, meh, every time my eye wanders over […]

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Chalkboard Paint Planters

Right in time for Spring, I’ve found this perfect decorative, yet functional idea for potted plants and herbs! With chalkboard painted planters, you can write the names of the plant, record watering and feeding instructions or leave a nice note right on the pot!  It’s simple, yet genius and all you have to do is follow the […]

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9 Steps to a Kitchen Facelift

Remodeling your entire kitchen is a giant undertaking, not to mention extremely costly. If your kitchen is lacking some luster and could use a little updating, try these nine easy and affordable steps I found on to give it the makeover that it deserves, without creating a brand new space. 1. Apply a fresh coat of paint: […]

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