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Bright Ideas to Liven Up Your Kitchen

Brighten Your Kitchen

Kitchens can become an overlooked part of a home when it comes to decorating, which is unfortunate, seeing as they are usually a central gathering place for the whole family. We found these great design tips from House Beautiful to create a happy kitchen that your family will want to spend time in, and you can show off to your company.

Bright Ideas to Liven Up your Kitchen

Using Bright Accents
If you have an all white kitchen it can look a little drab. Liven it up with a bit of color, but don’t go overboard. Try installing a colored backsplash, or for a cheaper alternative, place bright curtains in your sink window. You can also add a very bright table to an existing kitchen or breakfast area, or choose an exciting upholstery for bar stools or chairs. Displaying exciting plate ware in cabinets with glass doors can also be a great way to spice up your kitchen.

Bright Ideas to Liven Up Your Kitchen

Interesting Trim
An interesting trim, not just in color but also style, can add a wow factor to a kitchen that is in need of a pick me up. Choosing a scalloped edging for the bottoms of counters on an island, for example, can add an interesting element that you may not see often. Try to use the same style edging throughout by adding it to the tops of windows, walkways, or even the bottoms of cabinets.

Bright Ideas to Liven Up a Kitchen

Open Spaces
Open kitchens are amazing because they create a more fluid atmosphere between the dining area or breakfast nook and the actual kitchen. You can utilize islands in the center of the kitchen and do away with countertops that chop the space in half to achieve this flow. The best part about an open design is that you are still able to interact with your family during homework or meals, and you aren’t cutoff from the rest of your home while cooking. It makes it much easier to entertain friends and family as well if you have a more open kitchen that has clear, wide pathways to the dining room or living room.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap way to fix up your kitchen, or a major overhaul, there are definitely some great ideas on how to make your kitchen more inviting and interesting. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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