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Storing for Small Spaces

I can never find enough room for all of the stuff we seem to accumulate! But I enjoyed reading this article from Decorating Files, as it’s full of helpful tips for storing items in smaller rooms and areas around your home. These were my favorites, helping to be better organized:

  1. Embrace vertical storage! Floor to ceiling bookcases or shelving is a perfect way to get those boxes, books, clothes– or whatever– onto your walls instead of on the floor.
  2. Storage boxes that fit underneath the bed are another excellent way to store out of season clothes, memorabilia, children’s clothes they’ve grown out of, and so on.
  3. Utilize all of your closet space with vertical shelving, storage on the doors, in corner spaces, cabinets, etcetera. Closet organizers are a great way of guaranteeing you use all of the closet space possible.
  4. Tiered baskets are amazing for storing stuffed animals and toys, and it’s easy clean up for the kids.
  5. If you have storage boxes that are typically sitting out, consider covering them when different patterned fabrics to add style to your visible storage.

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