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Archive | June, 2014

Cajun Foil Packet

Cooking a foil pouch full of delicious veggies and meat in the oven is so easy, it’s unbelievable! I just dump my favorite bite sized pieces of vegetables and cooked sausage onto a large piece of foil, wrap it up, and pop it into the oven, on the grill or the campfire! It’s the perfect […]

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Summer Freezer Sabers

Keep your kids cool this summer! Do you have a child who loves Star Wars? Here is a fun way for kids to enjoy a freezer pop without getting their little fingers frozen and sticky! I found this adorable craft on, these little pop saber sleeves require only a few materials. Supplies: -Grey Felt (3- […]

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Bath Time Paint

Make bath time even more fun for the little one with homemade bath paint. Let their creativity and artistic side shine in the one place where painting the walls is okay! This is an easy to make paint that’s safe for your children to use in the tub. Supplies: – ¼ cup baby shampoo or wash – ¼ […]

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Lights of Houston with the Brazilian Arts Foundation

Bring the whole family to learn more about Brazil’s rich culture and dive into an interactive light painting exhibit at the “Lights of Houston.” event! Husband and wife photography team Matt Crawford and Che Rickman shot several nighttime scenes centering on the Brazilian martial art of capoeira and various Afro-Brazilian dances. With the help of […]

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Sambuca Live Music Lounge

Every mom deserves a break sometime, so come take yours at Sambuca, one of Houston’s most celebrated live music joints! At Sambuca you can sit back and enjoy a meal, perhaps pizza and a beignet, while soaking up the sounds of a live band. The music selection is diverse, featuring various genres from classic rock […]

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DIY Hanging Jewelry Display

This cute DIY jewelry display adapted from She Knows Living can be hung right next to your vanity, make-up mirror, or closet and can be customized with fabric to match your décor. All you’ll need are a few basics from your local arts and crafts store. Supplies: · Frame · Burlap or any fabric · Cardboard · Scissors · Hot glue […]

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Free MFAH Rienzi Storytime Tours

The interactive storytime tours at the Rienzi house museum provide a fun learning atmosphere for children while introducing art, literature, and other Rienzi collection themes through the chosen readings each week. The beautiful museum home contains extensive European decorative arts, paintings and manicured gardens that parents can also peruse during the reading. Children ages three […]

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Recognizing Numbers with Bingo

Put an exciting and educational spin on the classic bingo game! This version of bingo from will help your child practice recognizing numbers and will also put their listening skills to the test. What you’ll need: · Empty oatmeal container · One piece of thin cardboard or thick paper · Scissors · Marker · Paper · Ink dot maker (or marker) […]

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Monster Go Away Spray

 All children get frightened, either by movie they saw (that they probably weren’t supposed to be watching!), a sibling teasing and scaring them, or even monsters living under their bed. Luckily, solving the monsters under the bed theory can be an easy one! Introduce your children to the magic Monster Go Away Spray. This spray will […]

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