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Archive | November, 2014

source: Unplugged Sunday

DIY Winter Body Scrub

Houston is by no means a frozen tundra, but it can sure feel that way with the cold winds and sporadic winter temperatures all season. Other than busting out the heavier moisturizer when my skin starts to feel dry, I also like to give myself a soothing winter full body scrub (I try to do […]

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source: Pop Shop America

Pop Shop Holiday Festival

Still need to get some holiday shopping in and want to support your local Houston artisans and crafters? Pop Shop Houston is hosting their annual Holiday fest at the end of the month and will be showcasing tons of different and amazing items from local Houston artists that you can purchase just in time for the […]

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source: HNL

Holiday Stove-top Potpourri

The scents of the season will make your whole home smell festive. This very simple Hello Newlywed Life stove-top potpourri recipe can help you and the family get into the holiday spirit! What you will need: – 3 clementines or oranges, quartered – 2-3 sprigs of rosemary – ½ tsp of pumpkin spice – 3 cups of water – ½ […]

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source: Food & Wine

Make Ahead and Go Holiday Side Dishes

If you’re headed out of the house this holiday season for dinners at family or friend’s houses you may have been tasked with bringing a side dish to compliment the meal. No problem, there’s tons of things you can make, but are all of them going to live through the trip? We found a great selection of […]

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source: MetalFloss

Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

Kids love to get hands on when it comes to playtime, and if you can add learning into it and still keep them interested, you’re supermom. Science experiments that range from tasty to goopy are sure to keep them coming back for more, asking plenty of questions, and enjoying playtime. We found these suggestions over at Metalfloss […]

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Start a New Holiday Tradition

Start a New Holiday Tradition at Zoo Lights!

Halloween is over, the weather has gotten colder, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Yep, it is that time of year again and Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo is just the thing to get your family in the holiday spirit! From November 21 through January 4 you can take a stroll through the zoo after dark and marvel at the […]

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Gift Ideas with Mason Jars

Mason jars are certainly back in style for home decor use, but we also found some great ways to reuse those jars for gift giving as well. You can hand out small, thoughtful gifts to almost anyone in your life. We picked three different people who could use a pick me up and found these […]

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source: Student Beans

Centerpiece DIY Ideas

I’m sure you’ve seen marvelous centerpieces and beautifully decorated tables all over Pinterest, but you just don’t have the stuff on hand to recreate the fancy bits. We found some great ideas for centerpieces made with everyday household items from Buzzfeed and Student Beans! Love the smell of coffee? Just pour a handful of coffee […]

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Tools that make Creative Lunches Easy!

Tools that Make Creative School Lunches Easy!

Are you already tired of making the same school lunch each day?  Have you seen creative lunches on Pinterest, but don’t know where to start? Lucky for us, making cool lunches can be easy with the right tools! 1. Bento Box– Start with a fun lunch box! The Bento Box allows you to provide several different kinds […]

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