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An Evening of Art Heists and Espionage at the HMNS

source: HMNS

source: HMNS

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston hosts lectures quite often, but we found one that looks especially intriguing. Former FBI special agent, Robert K. Wittman, will be letting attendees into his former world of espionage and the black market for fine arts. Wittman had an amazing career in his 20 years in law enforcement, with extensive knowledge of art, antiques, jewelry and gem identification which he used as a special agent and top investigator in the FBI. He has nerves of steel and the ability to con the con artists themselves, so he worked undercover in the black market of fine art, antiques and jewels all over the country.

Wittman was also the founder of the FBI Art Crime Team, and co-author of Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue the World’s Stolen Treasures, and consultant to the feature length film adapted from the book, The Monuments Men.  Although the film was a bit of a flop in theatres, despite the all-star cast, we’re sure that being able to be a part of the action and hear it straight from the man who lived it will be much more interesting. Wittman will be describing in detail some of the FBI’s most captivating art-heist investigations, and talking about his career and what he went through as an undercover agent. The lecture will be held November 19th at 6:30pm in the Law building, lower level, at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, 1001 Bissonnet Drive. Cost for entry is ten dollars for members, fifteen dollars for seniors and twenty dollars for non-members.

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