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Gift Ideas with Mason Jars

Mason jars are certainly back in style for home decor use, but we also found some great ways to reuse those jars for gift giving as well. You can hand out small, thoughtful gifts to almost anyone in your life. We picked three different people who could use a pick me up and found these great, simple gifts you can make for them at home.

The Busy Mommy:
Whether she’s a seasoned pro juggling three kids and their schedules, or a new mom learning to live with baby, every mom could use the ingredients in this first gift jar.

Travel sized Wet wipes and sanitizer (absolute necessity with kids)
Brightening under-eye cream (Look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even if you feel like you’re gonna fall over!)
Listerine strips (Did I remember to brush? I did right?)
Mascara and Chapstick (effortless really, but makes you feel 1000 times better)
Crystal Light energy (low calorie and a boost? Yes please!)
Chocolate (need I say why?)

Thanks to Classy Clutter for putting this jar idea and the next one out there – she even has cute labels you can print directly from her website if you want to get extra fancy!

The Giving Gal:
She always takes care of everyone else and is there for you, why not give her something to pamper herself.

Single use face masks and exfoliating scrubs (You can find these in the beauty aisle or travel)
Travel sized luxurious lotion
Travel sized nail polish remover
Small nail kit (usually with an emery board, clippers and cuticle pusher)
Nail polish in her favorite color (To round out that mani pedi she can leisurely do at home)
Tube of lip gloss/Chapstick
Chocolate (I’m positive everyone needs this. Everyone.)

The Above and Beyond Teacher:
This teacher is always going the extra mile doing extra-curricular activities, helping kids with homework, and devising lesson plans well into the night. Show them you appreciate their hard work with a practical gift.

First, try to find a smooth mason jar so you can decorate it easily. Using chalkboard paint, cover the entire outside, being careful not to overcoat it. Allow to dry then use chalk markers to write a message to your favorite teacher. It can easily be wiped off and replaced with something new anytime, so they could put it out on their desk and let kids leave them nice messages as well!

You can also monogram the outside of the jar quite easily. Using stencils and paint, you can paint it on yourself, or just buy a pretty embellished letter from the scrap booking aisle. This can lend a classy touch to the jar.

When you’re done decorating, tie some twine around the top of the jar and fill with flowers, pens and pencils, rulers, or whatever else you think your teacher may need. Office supplies are always a great place to start. If you fill it with flowers, they can always repurpose the jar as a pen holder.

What are some other people you could see benefitting from a small gift jar? What would you put in it for each of them? Let us know in the comment section, we love hearing from you!

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