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Start a New Holiday Tradition at Zoo Lights!

Start a New Holiday Tradition

Halloween is over, the weather has gotten colder, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Yep, it is that time of year again and Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo is just the thing to get your family in the holiday spirit!

Start a New Holiday Tradition at Zoo Lights

From November 21 through January 4 you can take a stroll through the zoo after dark and marvel at the more than 2 million lights that light up the night. And these aren’t just your average holiday lights. Some outline fanciful shapes (including zoo animal silhouettes!), others flicker through a rainbow of colors, and still more “dance” in time to holiday music!

Start a New Holiday Tradition at Zoo Lights

The lights are spectacular, but the other decorations also shine. Don’t miss seeing the model train village, the giant rotating ornaments, the enormous snow globe, or one of my favorites, the herd of electric sheep.

You won’t be able to see most of the animals because they’ll be snug in their beds, but if you simply can’t take a trip to the zoo without seeing a few of them, stop by the aquarium, reptile house, bug house, or the Natural Encounters building. These are also great places to thaw out if the weather is particularly chilly! Make sure you go by the giraffe exhibit, too. They’ll be in their barn for the night and it is amazing to stand near them and get a sense of how tall they really are!

Start a New Holiday Tradition at Zoo Lights2

If you’re looking for more holiday entertainment, go by the Reflection Pool to see carolers and other musical groups that will be performing nightly. You can also watch the Polar Express 4-D Experience for an additional fee.

Hungry? Two of the restaurants will be open and serving dinner as well as treats. Grab a slice of pizza or a turkey leg then finish off with a funnel cake or kettle corn and hot chocolate!

Start a New Holiday Tradition at Zoo Lights

You can avoid the biggest crowds and save a little money by going on value nights. Discounted tickets are also available on the zoo website until 2pm each day and you won’t have to wait in the long ticket lines.

Every year Zoo Lights gets bigger and better and many families have made it a part of their holiday traditions.  So what are you waiting for?  Bundle up the kids and go see what all the excitement is about!


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