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PB&J Sushi Rolls

Make snack time a bit different this afternoon with these peanut butter and jelly sushi inspired rolls! These bite-sized wonders are perfect for feeding a bunch of hungry after school guests!  And luckily, it’s no more work than making a normal PB&J sandwich! Supplies: -Bread -Peanut Butter -Nutella -Jam or jelly -Rolling Pin -Knife -Plate […]

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Keeping The Boogie Man Away

It is common for children to have bad dreams and nightmares, causing them to wake you up to ease their fear and anxiety. Every mom knows that sometimes these dreams can be so terrifying that a simple, “it was only a dream,” and a hug might not do the trick. So for those nights when […]

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9 Steps to a Kitchen Facelift

Remodeling your entire kitchen is a giant undertaking, not to mention extremely costly. If your kitchen is lacking some luster and could use a little updating, try these nine easy and affordable steps I found on to give it the makeover that it deserves, without creating a brand new space. 1. Apply a fresh coat of paint: […]

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Cockrell Butterfly Center

The essence of nature can provide a therapeutic relief from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At the Cockrell Butterfly Center, you will find a unique and living nature habitat for you and your children to enjoy. This vast three-story habitat is filled with various tropical plants and over 60 different species of some of the […]

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Playing Banker

Playing Banker

It’s important to teach our children the value of money at a young age, so they grow up to be smart with their earnings.  This banking activity is a fun way to teach your young child about the worth of different coins, and is also beneficial for developing simple math skills. What you will need: […]

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Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Attending an event and want to knock everyone’s socks off without slaving away in the kitchen?  No need to go to pick up something from your local grocery store bakery, I have a semi-homemade cake that would even impress Sandra Lee! This chocolate hazelnut cake has rich creamy Nutella filling and a nutty exterior just […]

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Feeling Better with Allergies or A Cold

We try our best to keep our families healthy, but sometimes getting sick it’s unavoidable, especially in spring with the sporadic weather, and all the lovely yellow pollen floating around everywhere! When allergies or a cold occur it can be chaos around the house trying to keep the sick, and the healthy, both feeling their […]

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Houston International Festival

As parents, it’s important that we educate our children on different cultures and why the tolerance of their individual customs is so crucial to a harmonious world, especially in such a culturally diverse city as Houston. At the Houston International Festival, your child can learn first-hand some of the great traditions that exist within these […]

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