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Feeling Better with Allergies or A Cold


We try our best to keep our families healthy, but sometimes getting sick it’s unavoidable, especially in spring with the sporadic weather, and all the lovely yellow pollen floating around everywhere! When allergies or a cold occur it can be chaos around the house trying to keep the sick, and the healthy, both feeling their best, so here are my favorite tips for keeping your cool!

1. Make them as comfortable as possible. Offer them a blanket, book, magazine, or pop in a favorite movie while they lay down in bed or a comfy spot on the couch.

2. Ensure they’re getting plenty of rest throughout day. Taking naps, and sleeping through the whole night is very important to help the body get better sooner.

3. Drinking lots of fluids to stay hydrated plays a key factor in feeling better. Consuming water, tea, broth, soups, and vitamin C helps prevent dehydration and triggering any fever from getting worst. Emergen-C is a must in our house!

4. Keeping your loved one at home helps them get quicker sooner, and prevents the further spread of sickness.

5. Make sure to clean everything from sheets, toys, clothes, towels, jackets, etc. to get rid of anything that might have germs.

6. No one ever thinks about replacing a toothbrush, but swapping an old one out for a new one is a great way to help eliminate any bacteria and germs that have been contaminated with cold or flu viruses.

7. Keep some saline drops in your medicine cabinet. These help with any stuffy and runny noses that come with a cold.

8. Don’t forget to have a couple of boxes of Kleenex. The Kleenex will help you and your family members sneezes and coughs remain contained.

Hopefully these tips will help you and your family recover quicker from the changing weather!

Via: Mom to 2 Posh Lil Dvias

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