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Minute Maid Park Tour

Capture the spirit of America this summer with a tour through Houston’s own Minute Maid Park! Home to the Houston Astros, this park even features a life-sized locomotive that runs along the left-field wall on 800 foot of track. The train symbolizes Houston’s longstanding relationship with the railroads. While this historical element is beautifully incorporated, […]

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Water Jump Rope

Here’s a fun way to enjoy playing jump rope this summer while keeping cool! I found this awesome idea on, you’ll need three or more people, plastic cups, a jump rope, and water. This game is so easy to play, everyone can join in! The person (or people) jumping will hold a plastic cup […]

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Frozen Grapes

Do you ever get hungry for a snack after you’ve had a great workout? You don’t want to eat fatty foods or snacks that are high in carbohydrates, so what do you eat? Grapes! About a cup of grapes contains roughly 100 calories. The grape seeds are chock-full of antioxidants too. But what if you want […]

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Math with Lego’s

If your child loves Lego’s or Duplo’s this Buggy and Buddy activity is the perfect way to sneak some learning in! Just have your little one complete some simple tasks for you. Make sure all the available Lego’s are ready and at the child’s disposal, then ask them for simple shapes they can form with […]

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source: HGTV

Baskets of Fun DIY

Why not dedicate a day to work on a fun DIY project? If you’re anything like us, you like constant change and subtle home upgrades. One way of beautifying your home is creating unique light fixtures. You can finish this electrifying basket with a few simple steps we adapted off of HGTV. You’ll have fun […]

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source: City of Houston

Hockley Park

Houston is a great place to be for summer with an abundance of activities for you to enjoy with your whole family! Hockley Park is one option when searching this great city for a place to spend the day having fun. Located at 28515 Old Washington Road, near 290 and Grand Parkway, this park offers many […]

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The Dream Jar

It can be difficult to get your child to get bed at a decent hour with all of the fun distractions offered in today’s society. However, sleep is critical for children to process and save new information they learn throughout the day. And, as an additional bonus, research shows that those who get enough sleep […]

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BigKidSmallCity & Houston Mother’s Blog Meet Up: Horse & Buggy, Monkeys & Popcorn, Birds & Shoulders, Crafts & More at Gallery Furniture

We had such an amazing time at our last Gallery Furniture Meet-Up, we just had to do it again! If your children enjoy meeting new friends, interacting with exotic birds and Capuchin monkeys, going on horse and buggy rides AND getting unlimited cookies, ice cream and lunch, this giant Meet-Up for the BigKidSmallCity and HoustonMothersBlog communities is for y’all! AND […]

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Decorating With Origami

Designing on a budget has never been easier with origami crane birds. If you are looking for a less conventional way to spruce up a room, check out this origami bird wall, and how to video. You can coordinate colors, patterns and paper textures. The possibilities are endless! Send us your pictures of your design budget ideas! […]

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