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The Dream Jar


It can be difficult to get your child to get bed at a decent hour with all of the fun distractions offered in today’s society. However, sleep is critical for children to process and save new information they learn throughout the day.

And, as an additional bonus, research shows that those who get enough sleep are better behaved. If you are struggling to get your little one tucked or nightmares are a problem, try adding, “The Little Dream Jar” to their bedtime routine.

Simply get a clear festive jar and collect some colorful construction paper, you can even decorate your jar! Write down different adventures and activities that your child can look forward to as they sleep, like “tonight I will ride a flying unicorn,” or “tonight I will visit Disney World.” Place these written adventures inside the jar and have them choose one at random right before bed.

These positive thoughts before bedtime can help keep bad dreams away and give your child something to look forward to when they close their eyes.

Do you have any great tips to help get your child ready for bed? We’d love for you to share them in our comments below.

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