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Healthy Snacking: Vegetables, Fruit and Cheese

Parents want their children to eat well and grow up healthy, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. A great way to encourage our children to snack on healthier foods is by preparing snack size bags of fresh fruit and veggies that they can easily grab on the go.

Take a trip to your local supermarket or farmers market and pick out the fruits, vegetables and cheeses your family likes the most!

Cheeses (we used an assorted cheese stick pack)
Snack size zip lock bags

Wash all the fruits and veggies you’re using and cut them, as well as the cheese, in bite sized chunks.

Mix the fruits, veggies and cheese in the snack size bags.  We put together our fruits with mozzarella and Colby jack cheese sticks, and vegetables with pepper jack and cheddar. Place the baggies in the refrigerator for the children to have fast access too.

So next time your child says they want a snack, BAM! Some healthy snacks are washed and ready to eat. Remind them that they are snacking on delicious fruits and veggies that are excellent nutrients for their bodies to help them grow up big and strong!

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