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Archive | July, 2014

Making Tying Shoes Fun

This easy activity is a great way for your child to develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and practice tying their shoes! You can create a practice shoe with items you might just have at home already. If not, you can find them at your local dollar store and Wal-Mart. We adapted this idea from […]

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Fitness Tips for A Busy Mom

Being a mom is more than a full time job and it’s hard finding time to squeeze in a fitness routine, but it certainly should be a priority! As the saying goes, your body is your only place to live, so if not for yourself, be healthy for your family! Here are five helpful tips […]

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Lemonade Stand

There is no other summer activity that is more classic than the lemonade stand! The best part about a stand is that while it’s affordable and entertaining, your child can learn basic math, budgeting and entrepreneurship as well. Give your younger children the task of making the lemonade. This allows them to practice their measuring skills. Let them […]

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Moody Gardens

A trip to Moody Gardens in Galveston will make the kids feel like they’re on a vacation! There are three pyramids packed with things to see, from a Discovery pyramid, to Aquarium and Rainforest pyramids that contain shows, birds, monkeys, sharks, penguins, exotic plants, artifacts and so much more! The park is essentially broken into […]

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The Paint Pub

Although spending time with your children can create some of your most precious memories, it’s important to sometimes call the babysitter and take a night to yourself or with friends. In Houston, one great way to do this is at The Paint Pub! Even without any artistic experience, The Paint Pub is a great place to […]

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Pad See Ew

This simple Thai inspired noodle dish is a wonderful way to introduce new cuisine and culture into your families diet, and it’s delicious! I found this gem on A Beautiful Mess, and made my own tasty version. This recipe serves two typically, so you’ll need to double the measurements when cooking for more. Ingredients: 6 […]

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Summer Sunscreen Tips

Summer is here and the sun is hotter and brighter than ever! Time to keep that sunscreen on hand. Many of us walk out the door and don’t even think about putting sunscreen on. Or we’re in a hurry, need to get to our destination and forget to apply it. We should all think safety […]

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