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source: HGTV

source: HGTV

Why not dedicate a day to work on a fun DIY project? If you’re anything like us, you like constant change and subtle home upgrades. One way of beautifying your home is creating unique light fixtures. You can finish this electrifying basket with a few simple steps we adapted off of HGTV. You’ll have fun doing it and your home will boast a mini-makeover!

Basket with a hole at the bottom (the hole should be one to one and a half inches in diameter.)
Craft pliers
Shellac based spray primer
Spray paint (whichever color you think would look best with your décor)
Electric pendant chord kit
Electrical/painters tape

First things first, if your basket has handles, use your craft pliers to remove them. Then lay some newspaper or scrap paper down and place the basket in the middle before covering it with your spray paint. Set it aside to dry.

Wrap your electrical cord plug with the electrical/painters tape to protect it, and then spray the primer onto the cord. Once the primer has dried, apply the spray paint to the cord, as well as the outside of the light bulb socket (I put a little bit of tape around the inside of the socket to protect that as well). Let those dry, and remove your tape.

Once everything is dried, flip the basket upside down and guide the cord through the hole so the socket hangs inside the basket. Screw on a bulb and voila, it’s ready to hang!

The beautiful thing about this project is that you can play around with color, and update it in the future. It doesn’t entail endless hours of labor or break the bank, and it helps bring some style into your space!

Have you re-purposed an item into a clever light fixture? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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