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Brighten Your Kitchen

Bright Ideas to Liven Up Your Kitchen

Kitchens can become an overlooked part of a home when it comes to decorating, which is unfortunate, seeing as they are usually a central gathering place for the whole family. We found these great design tips from House Beautiful to create a happy kitchen that your family will want to spend time in, and you can […]

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source: A Beautiful Mess

DIY Floral Word Decor

Word art is quickly becoming more and more popular. You can use it in the kitchen, writing out words like ‘Vino,’ for your love of wine, or ‘Family,’ because in mine the kitchen is the main get together spot, or ‘Love,’ for your love of food. You can use it basically anywhere, and we found this awesome […]

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source: Reader's Digest

How to Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

With all of the money you spend during the holidays on gifts, food and travel, it can be stressful trying to scrape together extra cash for decorations. You want your house to look amazing and festive when family and friends come over, but somehow skip spending a fortune. We searched the internet for the best cheap decorating […]

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source: Freshome

Creating a Cozy Home for Winter

With shortened daylight hours and gloomy weather outside, it is easy to see why so many people are stricken with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the new medical term for what we used to just call “the Winter Blues.” How ever you go about dealing with your winter woes, whether it be an increase in Vitamin D […]

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Achieving Balance

Achieving Balance

Usually with our great design posts we dig up some interesting tutorials for jazzing up your home. But, today we wanted to give you the foundation for good design so that you can make each room look fabulous with the things you already own that we adapted from feshome. There are a few basic design […]

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source: Suze Geeks Out

DIY Corkboard

Maybe you just moved into a new house or perhaps you just want to add a little flair to your favorite room while showing off a few favorite old photos or cards. I’ve found the perfect DIY project that mixes style and functionality on Suze Geeks Out. Start with a few basic you probably have lying […]

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source: HGTV

Baskets of Fun DIY

Why not dedicate a day to work on a fun DIY project? If you’re anything like us, you like constant change and subtle home upgrades. One way of beautifying your home is creating unique light fixtures. You can finish this electrifying basket with a few simple steps we adapted off of HGTV. You’ll have fun […]

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source: lilyshop

DIY Stenciled Throw Pillows

Accent pillows are a must in any room with furniture that might require them. Expand your decorative options by designing your own throw pillows in hardly any time and with minimal supplies. This project we found on Lilyshop is simple and will have your room looking beautiful and customized in a matter of hours! Supplies: ·  Throw […]

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Rope Light Sign

It’s warming up out there, and that means barbecues in the backyard and long summer days are just around the corner. I thought this adorable light rope sign from A Beautiful Mess, would make the perfect patio accent piece! Supplies: 50 ft. light rope A box of nails Hammer Measuring tape Choose a simple word, […]

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