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DIY Floral Word Decor

Word art is quickly becoming more and more popular. You can use it in the kitchen, writing out words like ‘Vino,’ for your love of wine, or ‘Family,’ because in mine the kitchen is the main get together spot, or ‘Love,’ for your love of food. You can use it basically anywhere, and we found this awesome new idea over at A Beautiful Mess to make it more feminine and attractive, and it’s DIY!

This is a great idea to use in your own office, or in a baby room, to spell their names out. You simply grab up some thick floral wire, wire cutters, your trusty hot glue gun, fabric to wrap the wire with, and small silk flower blooms in your choice of styles and colors. Make the letters out of the wire and cut to length desired then wrap them in fabric, hot gluing the ends to the wire. Once each letter is covered, simply hot glue the blooms to the front side of each letter until they are covered. You can do this part sparsely, or completely cover the fabric, play around with is and see which way you like the best.

You can lean the letters against a bare wall or on a shelf, or hang them on a wall say like above headboard, or over a sofa. We love this idea, it adds a sweet touch to any room and is so easy to make yourself. Let us know how you like it and which words you would choose that define your different rooms!

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