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Volunteer Night

Volunteer Night

Some of us are blessed more than other this holiday season, with a roof over our heads and full bellies, and that got us thinking about giving back. Especially now, there are a plethora of volunteer organizations that are always looking for a helping hand in the new year. We know you work hard to take care of your family, but a night out helping others can do wonders for your mind and spirit!

The Houston Food Bank is always in need of donated food items. They recommend items such as canned tuna or chicken in water, canned fruits, pasta or noodles, and soups with meat and/or beans in them. It’s easy to start a food drive within your community to gather these groceries with the tips on their website or you can even go door to door. You can also volunteer your time by creating a profile and signing up for shifts and events with them. If you’re unable to make it out to donate time or goods, they also accept monetary donations many different ways – check out their website to find out more.

Another great way to give back and get some exercise is walking dogs at the Houston Humane Society. These adoptable canines just need some TLC and good walking buddy, so if you’re an animal lover this is the perfect volunteer option for you. And if you can’t make it in for walks with the dogs or playtime with the cats there are always plenty of items you could donate, like wet or dry cat and dog food, Kuranda beds, blankets, chew toys and more. And of course monetary donates are also welcomed. See their volunteer application for more details.

If you’d like more information on ways you can help and volunteer opportunities in the Houston area, go check out our sister blog, Volunteer Houston where you can find ideas for fun charity events and read up on charitable acts. We hope that this year we can all pitch in together to make a difference in our community, even if it means taking a day that was meant for yourself and giving, instead to someone else. You won’t regret it!

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