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How to Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

With all of the money you spend during the holidays on gifts, food and travel, it can be stressful trying to scrape together extra cash for decorations. You want your house to look amazing and festive when family and friends come over, but somehow skip spending a fortune. We searched the internet for the best cheap decorating tips and cute DIY ideas, and design tips, tricks and crafts that will brighten your home for the holiday season like these inspired from Reader’s Digest. Pinch your pennies and create a beautifully festive atmosphere you, your family, and friends will all enjoy.

1. Spray paint pinecones gold or silver and once dry add a ribbon for a rustic, yet sparkling addition to the tree, side tables, or to fill baskets and bowls for centerpieces.

2. Make chalk ornaments that the kids can decorate themselves with personal notes. Just buy extremely cheap round plastic ornaments and a bottle of chalkboard spray paint then paint the ornaments. Once dry, let the kids go to town with colorful chalk and make family ornaments!

3. Create a fun vase with a coffee can, candy canes and ribbon.  Simply hot glue the candy canes facing outward on the outside of the can, tie a ribbon around the whole thing and fill with poinsettias.

4. Make your pillows around the house into cute presents by wrapping them with ribbon in festive holiday colors.

source: Babble

source: Babble

5. Repurpose old ornaments by hot gluing them all to a styrofoam wreath and create a fun, interesting new style of wreath for indoors or out!

6. Place your glass vases out filled with water and just a few drops of holiday colored food coloring in them. You can line them up, or place in clusters as a centerpiece. Add floating candles for even more elegance.

7. Paint mason jars and baby food jars to look like snowmen, simply paint all white, paint the top black and add the face for cute decorations or ornaments for the tree.

We love these cute ideas for DIY holiday decorations – what tricks do you have up your sleeve that you use to brighten up your home for the holiday season? Let us know in the comments.

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