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An Evening in Historic Downtown Houston

The historic district of downtown Houston can often overlooked in favor of hot nightlife areas like as Montrose and Midtown. But you can have a romantic night viewing right in the former town center. Here are some ways to enjoy a gorgeous date night in the original centerpiece of our beautiful city.

Rent a Horse and Carriage
If you’ve ever taken a stroll downtown you have likely seen the beautiful horse and buggy rides being offered by Vintage Carriage Company. You can call ahead and rent these lovely carriages to take you on a romantic ride through downtown to any location, or simply just to ride around checking out the historic buildings and parks.

Check Out the Street Art
Don’t deny yourself an amazing experience if you’ve never seen some of Houston’s biggest works up close. A nod to the Sistine Chapel, with the image of God holding a spray paint can, is located at 2800 San Jacinto in midtown, but definitely worth going out of your way for. The “Houston Is” mural, part of the effort of Houston’s art and culture organization’s attempt to raise awareness of our arts scene, can be found across from Market Square Park on the Treebeard’s building.

Visit A Haunted Bar
La Carafe (813 Congress) is located facing in to the beautiful Market Square park, and has quite a history behind it. Houston’s oldest bar is a hot spot for spooky spirits (and the fun spirits too!) according to many ghost hunters. Cozy up at this intimate wine bar and invite the famous Lady in White for a glass, if you dare. Or visit these other haunted downtown hot spots.

Dessert for Two
There’s never a bad time for dessert, and it can make a romantic evening all the more special. Quattro (1300 Lamar) is famous for it’s beautifully decadent tableside tiramisu. They offer a fresh twist on the classic at this fine Italian eatery, layering biscotti, oranges and delicious espresso granita to create a dessert you will remember for quite some time.

We hope you enjoy your romantic date night visiting some of the best spots downtown Houston has to offer soon! You deserve a beautifully decadent night full of interesting history and hopefully tasty treats and wine.

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