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Playing Banker

Playing Banker

It’s important to teach our children the value of money at a young age, so they grow up to be smart with their earnings.  This banking activity is a fun way to teach your young child about the worth of different coins, and is also beneficial for developing simple math skills.

What you will need:
– An assortment of different coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters)
– Paper
– Pen

How to play:
Set up a table in any room of your home.  Place a chair on each side of the table, one for the “banker” (your child) and one for the “customer” (you).

Put the coins in a pile on the table closest to the banker’s chair. Write different monetary amounts on pieces of paper and give it to your child.

Ask your junior bank teller to give you the amount of change that is written on the slip of paper.  Request the amount in varying combinations of coins.

See if your child can give you the change using the fewest or most amount of coins, using only a certain coin, or without using a specific coin at all.  These different combinations will allow your child to think more critically.

If your child enjoys this activity, try mixing it up with paper money!

Via: FamilyEducation

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