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Centerpiece DIY Ideas

I’m sure you’ve seen marvelous centerpieces and beautifully decorated tables all over Pinterest, but you just don’t have the stuff on hand to recreate the fancy bits. We found some great ideas for centerpieces made with everyday household items from Buzzfeed and Student Beans!

Love the smell of coffee? Just pour a handful of coffee beans into mugs, finger bowls or glassware you have in your cupboards, then push a tea light right down in the center. When you light the candles it will warm the beans up, giving off that warm, rich smell of coffee brewing. Try this trick just an hour or so before company comes over to scent your home without having to bake something sweet. Use these lights as additions to a centerpiece or just around the house for decoration.

Another fantastic idea for a centerpiece is reusing old wine bottles from your last shindig. Keep a few empty wine bottles of different colors around when you finish them, and then soak in hot water to remove the labels. You shouldn’t need more than a bit of soap and a quick scrub after soaking to remove the adhesive. Grab some taper or dinner candles and push the bottom into the wine bottles. You can whittle it down to make sure you have a snug fit, we don’t want any fires!  Pick different colors of candles each time to end up with a funky design of colored wax on your bottle after each use.  After a few uses these bottles will look really neat if you put a short string of Christmas lights inside them to really make the color on the glass and wax pop.

A fun seasonal way to make a centerpiece more interesting is to incorporate fruit as your vase!  You can hollow out pumpkins, pineapples, and gourds and fill them with flowers in the appropriate colors. Make sure after you scoop out the inside of whichever you choose and place a small plastic or glass insert to hold the water and flowers. For the pineapple, you can actually use a smaller drinking glass you have on hand. I love this one especially because it is so original and unexpected. The fruit you use also adds a major pop of color to the table on its own. Just don’t forget to throw the hollowed out shell away at the end of the night!

We are quickly approaching the holiday season, so we hope these quick and creative ideas brighten up your home the next time you have family or guests over. Let us know how it goes if you try these or which one you like best!

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