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Five Simple Design Ideas for Summer

Source: feshome

Source: feshome

Summer is a season of relaxation and simplicity, so rid your home of that heavy fall décor and bring in new design elements! Cool color palettes and light fabrics are only a couple of ways to achieve a summery feel in your space. Use the following five design tips we found at feshome to further prepare your home for this wonderful and warm season!

 1.  Adjust your furniture: Warm colors are a perfect palette for those cold winter nights, but summer is all about light and cool tones. One way to impermanently design your home for summer is to use furniture slipcovers. Find slipcovers in airy tones and liven them up with brightly colored throw pillows or blankets. White or khaki colored throws are especially thirsty for pops of color so don’t be afraid to adorn your furniture with hues of bright blue and yellow.

2.  Drapery vs. Curtains: While drapes are more suited for colder months due to their heaviness, lighter curtains are perfect for those warm summer nights. If you want to enjoy a cool breeze on a summer evening, try curtains with a layer of sheer. For a less obstructed view, use a valance. Lightly colored valances give your window a finished look without blocking those beautiful summer views.

3.  Outdoors, indoors: What better way to relish the summer months than to bring the outdoors right into your home? Fresh flowers and plants will give the inside of your home a natural feeling while looking beautiful and smelling even better! If you aren’t one to decorate with flowers, try different plants such as bamboo or hemp. These plants will still give your home the feeling of summer while achieving a more rustic look. 

4. Views: Summer brings us some of the best views from lavish gardens to tropical beaches. If you have a view that you enjoy looking at, arrange your furniture in a way that the view is easily seen from every seat. If you don’t have an optimal view, try hanging a beautiful nature or summer inspired piece of artwork in your home and enjoy that instead.

5.Kid proof: Summer means that the kids are out of school and in your house! Make sure that any fabrics you may use to decorate for summer are machine washable and that those beautiful indoor plants pose no threat to your children (or pets). Many elements of summer make it the perfect time for crafts, so spend time with your child making summer themed projects and art. You can even use these masterpieces as summer decoration throughout your home!

Keeping your summer décor simple and casual is very important for these relaxing months.  Try these tips and enjoy your own private summer getaway!

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