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source: Imagination Station

Science Experiments At Home

It’s so much fun to be able to stay inside sometimes and just amaze your kids with new and fun science experiments. They will be filled with wonder and questions, so you’ll be able to teach them something new and they’ll develop an interest for science. When you and your kids create fun experiments it makes learning […]

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source: lilyshop

DIY Stenciled Throw Pillows

Accent pillows are a must in any room with furniture that might require them. Expand your decorative options by designing your own throw pillows in hardly any time and with minimal supplies. This project we found on Lilyshop is simple and will have your room looking beautiful and customized in a matter of hours! Supplies: ·  Throw […]

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DIY Fabric Wall Art

The art that we hang on the walls of our homes is intended to make a statement and let our individual tastes shine through. One way to make sure that your home’s wall art says something about you is by creating it yourself! These DIY decorative wall plaques will give any space in your home […]

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Fabric Covered Light Switch Plate

Sometimes the smallest decorative details are what give a room the greatest amount of character. When used correctly, small pops of color or patterns tend to draw in the eye and make a space more aesthetically interesting. One way to add a little pinch of spice to your room is by covering the light switch […]

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How to Arrange the Perfect Spring Bouquet

Spring has sprung, which means that hundreds of beautiful flowers have begun to bloom! This presents the perfect opportunity to adorn your home with the elegance and fresh scents that these little beauties have to offer. Nothing can quite literally liven up a space better than a bouquet of fresh flowers, so using the following tips, […]

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Reuse Dryer Sheets

We all want our homes to smell great, and an expensive way to keep your home smelling fresh and clean is by reusing the dryer sheets. Instead of discarding them, tape the sheet onto the heat or air conditioning vent to leave your home smelling inviting all day! Dryer sheets can also help fight against […]

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