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First Things First: Beginning a Design Project

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Getting started on your much anticipated home decorating venture is exciting, and making sure you’re well prepared can save you time and money. The following tips can be used as a checklist to ensure that your project will turn out just as beautifully as you’ve imagined.

1.  Establish a budget: Once you’ve decided how much you’re going to spend on your project, do not exceed this amount.

2.  Create a plan: When you set goals and establish priorities, your decorating project will run much more smoothly.

3.  Put your plan on paper: Draw your vision of the completed project on a piece of paper as a reference through the duration of the decorating process.

4.  Decide on a style: Whether traditional or contemporary, having an idea of what style of furniture or accessories you want to use will save you time and eliminate confusion.

5.  Go shopping: Choose stores with a vast selection, shop from catalogues or surf the internet to compare prices and explore different products.

6.  Take the first step: All carpeting should be put down, and all electric wiring should be performed before you place anything on the floor or walls.  After the walls and floors are decorated you can bring in and arrange your furniture.

7.  Accessorize! Choose accent pieces that suit your most personal taste for years of enjoyment.

Now that you’ve used this checklist to easily complete your project, you can enjoy your room and begin preparing for your next one!


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