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DIY Fabric Wall Art

The art that we hang on the walls of our homes is intended to make a statement and let our individual tastes shine through. One way to make sure that your home’s wall art says something about you is by creating it yourself! These DIY decorative wall plaques will give any space in your home a hint of personality and individualized charm.


  • Pre-stretched square artist’s canvases (however many and whichever sizes you would like to us for your clustered art display)
  • Decorative fabric of your choice
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Decoupage glue if desired


  1. Cut the fabric 1 and ½ inches bigger than your canvases on every side.  Repeat for each canvas.
  2. Wrap the fabric around the canvas with the excess fabric on the back. Pull it so that the fabric on the front of the canvas is smooth and tight.
  3. Staple the fabric to each side of the frame.  For best results, start stapling in the middle of each side and work your way out to the corners.
  4. Adjust the fabric on the corners of the canvas until they lay flat and keep them in place with a staple.
  5. Although it is not required, a thin layer of decoupage glue on each canvas will help protect it from dust and grime.

Nothing says unique like an art piece created by your own hands! Let this one-of-a-kind display personalize your home!

Via: Better Homes and Gardens

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