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How to Arrange the Perfect Spring Bouquet

Spring has sprung, which means that hundreds of beautiful flowers have begun to bloom! This presents the perfect opportunity to adorn your home with the elegance and fresh scents that these little beauties have to offer. Nothing can quite literally liven up a space better than a bouquet of fresh flowers, so using the following tips, create a bundle of joy that will put your home in the spirit of spring!

First, decide where you want to purchase the flowers for your arrangement. Although any regular grocery store with a florist department is an option, a farmer’s market is also a great place to shop for fresh flowers. Many times, these markets will have a wider selection to choose from, and the vendors are generally very knowledgeable on their product. Don’t forget to enjoy this part of the process, as nothing says relaxation better than a stroll through hundreds of beautiful flowers.

Next decide on the total look of your bouquet. Different flowers will bring their own type of flair to each arrangement. If you want a simple yet stated bouquet, choose tulips or irises.  These tall flowers won’t leave the bundle looking too busy, but will still make a statement. If you’re opting for something a little smaller, but with just as much vigor, choose bigger blooms, such as ranunculus or hydrangeas.  Cut their stems shorter for a strong but compact arrangement. However, if you can’t decide on a look, don’t worry! Pair together whichever flowers you think are the most beautiful; your bouquet is for you to enjoy.

Once you’ve chosen your blossoms, begin to arrange them. Put the most eye-catching flowers in the vase first and then use smaller flowers and other greenery to decorate around them.  Rotating the vase while arranging the flowers is key, as it allows you to view the progress of the arrangement from all angles.

Now that your bouquet looks perfect to you, let’s keep it that way! In order for the arrangement to last, it’s important to change the water frequently so that bacteria does not breed in stagnant water, killing your flowers. One way to cut down on bacteria build-up is to add a tablespoon of vinegar or vodka. Nourishment is also important, so provide your flowers with two tablespoons of sugar. They will appreciate it!

Finally, your flowers are arranged and your bouquet looks marvelous! Place it somewhere in your home where everyone, including yourself, will see it frequently, and let it brighten up everyone’s days!

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