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Chalkboard Paint Planters

Right in time for Spring, I’ve found this perfect decorative, yet functional idea for potted plants and herbs! With chalkboard painted planters, you can write the names of the plant, record watering and feeding instructions or leave a nice note right on the pot!  It’s simple, yet genius and all you have to do is follow the directions below!

What you will need:
· Chalkboard paint
· Terra cotta planters
· Chalk
· Newspaper


1. Spread out newspaper over the surface where you’ll be painting.  This will prevent any unintended messes.

2. Paint the body (or rim) of the pot with chalkboard paint.  Use multiple coats to make sure it is fully covered and let it sit overnight.

3. Use the chalk to write whatever you want on the chalkboard portion of your planter!

This can be a great activity for a gardening party or with your family.  Whatever you choose, it’s sure to add a fun twist to your garden or windowsill!

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