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Welcoming Spring with Design

There are so many wonderful ways to welcome a new spring into your home. Here are a few simple ones that will have you welcoming the new season with style. First, put out some fresh flower around the home, whether it’s a bouquet or potted plant, this greenery will really help kick-start your space into […]

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The Basics of Buying Furniture

  Purchasing furniture is generally a long-time investment, so it is important to be knowledgeable about the product that you’re buying and the amount of money you might be spending. These tips and definitions offer a little insight into the vast and sometimes confusing realm of furniture buying. 1. There are three different price ranges in […]

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How to Hide Your Television

It is important to establish a focal point in any space, and many times the television is the easiest answer because it typically can be seen from all angles of a room. However, most people do not want their television set to be the first thing that guests notice about their space. The following tips offer […]

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Safeguarding Your Child’s Room

A nursery is where your child will spend the first few years of their lives, so it is important that you put a lot of thought into how functional and safe the room will be. These following tips are just a few that you should consider when designing your child’s first room. 1. Avoid placing […]

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How to Make Your Room's Focal Point Stand Out

Make Your Room’s Focal Point Stand Out

Whether it’s a fireplace, an intricate coffee table or even a television set, every living room needs of a focal point. Once the focal point is established, it is important how you arrange the remaining furniture around this piece, so that it can be admired from all angles. It’s recommended that larger furniture pieces be added […]

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How to Best Use Patterns

How to Best Use Patterns

With all of the different patterns available in the world of interior design, using them interchangeably can be confusing. It’s hard to know which patterns go together and which patterns you should avoid pairing. This simple guide will help to eliminate perplexity and help you to decorate with patterns confidently. 1. Mix simple geometric patterns with florals. 2. Large-scale […]

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