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Improve Your Dull Shoes

I don’t know about you, but I have a few pairs of shoes I bought on a whim that are now sitting in my closet collecting dust for some reason or another. Maybe they don’t match anything, or I liked them at first but now I just think, meh, every time my eye wanders over them. Whatever the reason, why waste the pair, when you can improve them!

Have a boring, solid color pair of boots or flats? It’s easy to paint a panel a bright color, or add some texture with patterns! And it’ll feel like a brand pair of shoes!

All surface craft paint (Martha Stewart’s works great)
Paint Tape (if you’re making stripes or a geometric shapes)
Thimble (if you’re making circles)
Disposable Bowl (for the paint)

Pour your paint into the bowl, and gently dip your thimble in and stamp on your shoes. Go back through with a thin paintbrush to make sure all the circles are connected. Let dry and enjoy!

Add the paint tape onto your shoes where you don’t want any of the new color. Pour your paint into the bowl, grab your brush and start painting the shoe. When the paint is dry, gently remove the tape and you’re good to go!

You can also paint specific panels of your shoe to add some dimension; the custom options are endless!

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