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Godzilla: the Japanese Original at MFAH


Source: MFAH

When H-bomb testing wakes a four hundred foot sleeping sea dragon, Godzilla rises from the ocean to terrorize Tokyo, breathing fire and demolishing the city!

If you love a classic sci-fi movie, this screening is right up your alley! In honor of the 60th anniversary restoration, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston is showing the 1954 Japanese original of Godzilla!  It will even include deleted scenes from other versions of the movie aired in the United States.

The black and white Japanese movie will have English subtitles, and run 96 minutes long. It will play at the Law Building of MFAH, Friday the May 23rd at 7pm, Saturday the May 24th at 7pm, and Sunday, May 25th at 5pm so you have the whole weekend to head downtown for the showing!

Don’t miss out on this rare piece of cinematic gold! Been to a movie at MFAH? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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