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Banana Hotdog

Check out this healthy spin on a classic American favorite; it’s fun to prepare and eat! The banana hotdog replaces all of the unhealthy elements of a traditional hotdog with wholesome alternatives for a guilt-free snack or meal.

What you will need:

-Whole-grain hotdog bun

– 1 tsp. peanut butter

– Banana

– Squeeze jelly or jam

Spread the whole-grain hotdog bun (you can even toast the bun in the oven first too!) with peanut butter. Then peel the banana and place it in the bun. Last, squiggle the jam on top of the banana as the condiment and enjoy!

You can add any twist or create different variations of this recipe that might cater more to your taste. Like diced kiwi in place of relish, or added sliced strawberries to add even more nutrition. Use your imagination!

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