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Making a Small Room Feel Larger

Making a Small Room Feel Larger

When decorating a smaller room, there are a few little tricks to make the space feel larger.

One popular belief is that dark paint on the walls can make a room appear tinier. And while this does possess some truth, it’s not always the case. Darkly painted walls in a small room, with the right lighting, can really open up a space, creating an expansive yet snug area.

A wall sconce made of lightly colored glass, or any other wall fixture where the light can shine upward also creates the illusion of a larger room.

Along with soft lighting, softer, more subtle furniture upholstery is important in making sure that your small, darker-hued room does not feel cramped.

With these tips, you can settle down comfortably in your cozy new nook!

Via: Home Decorators Collection

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