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A Safe and Spooky Halloween

Halloween is meant to be spooky, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw caution to the wind. There may be mischief about, so it is always wise, as a parent, to keep a watchful eye on your little ones while they enjoy the holiday season.

To ensure the biggest fright this Halloween doesn’t involve the safety of your little ghosts and gremlins, follow these five safety tips:

  1. Keep the lights on – Whether you are venturing off to go trick-or-treating or simply handing out candy at home, make sure to light up your surroundings. Nightfall comes early this time of year, and it is difficult to see at night. If you are out walking, take along a flashlight and wear some reflective gear. If you are at home, be sure to leave your outside lights on so others can easily see your pathway.
  2. Tailor Costumes – Costumes don’t always come as a perfect fit. If your little goblin is stepping on the bottom of his or her costume, try to sew a higher hem or pin it up. With all of the excitement of king-sized candy bars coming their way, you don’t want your children to trip as they dart for the next front door.
  3. Stay on track – Plan your route and make sure everyone in your trick-or-treating group knows where they are going. Having a planned route will help everyone stay together, prevent wandering in the dark and avoid those last-minute disagreements.
  4. Toss opened candy – Your kids may want to savor every last morsel of sugar they earn, but someone has to play the bad cop. Check your kids’ candy before they dig in to make sure that there are no opened packages. And if there are, throw them out.
  5. Use face paint instead of masks – Although that mask may look great when worn, it isn’t exactly easy to see through. Especially in low visibility, you want to make sure your kids can see any oncoming traffic or any bumps in the road. Save the masks for the Halloween parties and use face paint while you are out trick-or-treating.


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