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Fall crafts to stay busy

There’s something about the change of season that makes it perfect for creating crafts with the kids. Whether you’re getting ready for fall harvest, Halloween or Thanksgiving, there are plenty of imaginative projects inspired by the season. Looking for some inspiration? Here are three family crafts you can produce during the fall season.

Toilet paper pumpkins

The kids will love this one. Not only is it super simple to put together, it’s also really inexpensive. All you need to create one pumpkin is a roll of toilet paper, some fabric, plastic bags, scissors and a stick. Wrap the toilet paper in the plastic bags, cover it in fabric, tuck the loose ends into the toilet paper roll, and insert the stick into the roll to make a stem. Here’s where you can find more detailed instructions.

Birdseed pinecones

This easy project will have you, your kids and the birds happy. First find a few pinecones. (You can do this on a nice walk outside with the kids!) Next, have the little ones cover the pinecones with peanut butter. The more peanut butter, the better. While they’re putting the peanut butter layer on, set up the birdseed station by dumping some seed into a large, flat pan. One the pinecones are sufficiently covered with nut butter, have the kids roll the pinecones in the birdseed until completely coated. Hang them from ribbons in the yard for the birds to enjoy.

Bean mosaic

This project is great for the artsy kids. Have them draw a leaf or other item associated with the fall season (like a pumpkin or a turkey outline from their hand). You can also download a printout of a leaf if your kid doesn’t want to draw one. Once the image is done, let them glue dried beans to fill it with color. Beans come in a variety of shades, so the mosaics can get pretty creative.

The fall season is the perfect time to spend some time doing family crafts. Try one of these projects, and comment below to let us know how it goes!

source: Reader's Digest

source: Reader’s Digest

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