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3 Healthy treats to celebrate Halloween with your young children

It’s Halloween season, which means it’s time for creepy crawlers and deliciously disturbing desserts. There are plenty of ways to get your little witches and ghouls in on the culinary fun. Here are three Halloween treats you and your kids can make for a spook-tacular holiday season.

Monster teeth

Healthy, delicious and fun to play with, these monster mouths are easy to make, and kids love them. All you need to do is slice a red apple for lips, coat one side with nut butter to make the gums, and use mini marshmallows for teeth. The result is a mixture of creepy and cool at the same time. These Halloween treats are perfect for making during a holiday season kids party, and they are perfect for sending with your children to school for a scary snack.

Bat cookies

Cookies always top the list of kids’ favorites. These spicy chocolate cookies are fun to make and even more fun to eat. Shaped like bats, your kids will adore these Halloween treats. After they come out of the oven, allow your little ones to decorate them with different colors of frosting to add their personal touch to the holiday season.

Poison candy apples

Why go for an ordinary Halloween treat when you can make it a little spookier? These “poison” apples are covered in sugar and corn syrup, so they taste sweet. But the black food coloring makes them look sinister. Once you’ve mixed the sugars together and added the food dye, let your kids swirl the apples through the concoction to create evil-looking, “poisonous” apples.

This holiday season, have fun in the kitchen with your little ones by creating one or more of these Halloween treats.

Delicious and fun cookies your whole family will love!

Delicious and fun cookies your whole family will love!


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