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Kid-friendly additions to your Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends and family to enjoy the season of gratitude. While we welcome the extra time to spend with loved ones, crafting the perfect Thanksgiving feast can be quite the challenge. And if you have young ones who are picky eaters, multiply that challenge by ten. Little ones aren’t always as eager to dig into the same gourmet treats that the adults look forward to all year; kids tend to prefer familiar menu items they are used to.

Here are a few ideas to satisfy hunger as well as those with discriminating tastes. And don’t worry, these recipes won’t add hours to your cook time, and they’ll even blend right in with the rest of your festive menu. In the end, you’ll enjoy a house full of happy guests and full bellies.

  • Carrot mac and cheese – This tasty adaptation incorporates a hint of seasonal flavor and that golden hue that kids know and love.
  • Citrus Turkey Breast – Brighten up the flavors this year with a citrusy zing.
  • Hogs in a Blanket – These little piggies are dressed up for the occasion. Give kids either ketchup or regular mustard for an alternate dipping sauce.
  • Thanksgiving turkey cookies – These make a great centerpiece and will bring a smile to your face.
  • Mini caramel apples – Who doesn’t love the decadence of caramel when balanced by a crisp, refreshing apple? Kids certainly won’t be opposed.

This holiday season, your friends and family will be a united front at the dinner table no matter their age.

Kids and adults will love these mini apples!

Kids and adults will love these mini apples!


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