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Car Toy Games

If your son is anything like mine he loves collecting cars, so I’ve incorporated them into our learning playtime. It’s time to bring the cars and trucks out and have some fun! Activity One: Have your child use their cars to form letters of the alphabet. “A” for Apple, “B” for boy, and so on and […]

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How to Arrange the Perfect Spring Bouquet

Spring has sprung, which means that hundreds of beautiful flowers have begun to bloom! This presents the perfect opportunity to adorn your home with the elegance and fresh scents that these little beauties have to offer. Nothing can quite literally liven up a space better than a bouquet of fresh flowers, so using the following tips, […]

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Outdoor Playpen Cover

Some of us like to take our children’s playpens outside and have our little one sit, play, and take naps in outdoors. But keeping our kids from throwing out their toys and bottles out, and keeping the bugs and mosquitoes away can be difficult with the open top playpen; as well as protecting them from the sun. Here’s one […]

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Mommy’s Day at Trellis Day Spa

Wouldn’t you love a day of pampering and relaxation for Mother’s Day; an opportunity to get a moment away from it all and enjoy the calm? Then grab your girls and head to the Trellis Spa! Located in the luxurious Houstonian Hotel, this 17,000 square foot spa is like a dream come true. They have […]

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Mother’s Day Flower Pens

This year make Mother’s Day more special with a cute flower pen craft everyone can do together. With very little supplies you and your family will be making these flower pens in no time. Supplies Needed: – Package of pens any color(s) – Silk flowers – Washi tape or green crafting tape – Construction paper, card stock paper, […]

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Healthy Fresh Fruit Kabobs

These healthy kabobs are an easy finger food, and a new treat for the little ones always on the go. For the curious kiddos, they can even be little helpers for this one! All you need are skewers, and fruits, and/or vegetables; whatever produce the children love, or maybe something new they haven’t tried yet! […]

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Invisible Ink

Your children will love passing secret notes with this invisible ink trick! It’s a creative and easy way to take drawing to the next level, and the kiddos will jump with joy watching their messages magically appear. Supplies: White paper Lemon juice Bowl Q-tips This is the wonderful part, after pouring some lemon juice into […]

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