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Ways to Help Your Pregnant Loved Ones!

Today, I want to share a few things that friends and family have done to help me while pregnant. The more pregnancies one has, the harder it gets, because guess what? There are more little ones to attend to! The ladies (and a few men!) in our life helped make it so much easier. Maybe someone in your life will be blessed by one of these ideas!

1.) Food

When in doubt, food ALWAYS helps, pregnant or not! The people in the house gotta eat whether mama is feeling like cooking or not. Bringing the food in disposable containers? Even better!

2.) Paper plates/plastic cups/plastic ware

Speaking of disposable containers, if you can’t get a meal to the family, even just dropping by some disposable eating utensils/plates would make life so much easier! It’s not the greenest idea out there, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

3.) Cleaning

I had have never had a professional cleaner in my house in my life, and in the span of two week when my ankle was sprained, I had not one but four! One week a sweet friend sent her THREE cleaning ladies over for a deep clean from top to bottom of our house. They were there for 8 hours- which means in one day, my home was cleaned the equivalent of 24 hours! The next week another friend sent her cleaning lady to help me organize/cull out the kids clothes. That was so helpful!

4.) Childcare 


As I mentioned, the more pregnancies one has, the harder it gets because of all the other little ones that need attention. We have a few friends that I know I can count on when I need help- one in particular has taken the 2 year old a few times so I can concentrate more fully on school with the older ones. That makes it much easier! We also have a sweet girl and a married couple that baby-sits for us regularly- they are life-savers!

If you have a friend whose expecting and has lots of others, why not volunteer a few hours to help out?

5.) Running errands


Are you going to the post office? The bank? The grocery store? Ask your friend if she needs any of those errands run as well. The same friend that watches my 2 year old will often call me to see if I need anything from Sam’s while she’s in there- that is so helpful!

Any other ideas to help out an expecting mom?

I’d love to hear them- as soon as I’m not pregnant I want to be a blessing to others!


Contributed by Kelli of Eat, Pray, Read, Love

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