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The Best Backpacks for Elementary School Aged Kids

Best Backpacks

The kids are heading back to school and we’re gathering up supplies. Last year I bought a backpack that ripped the first week of school. The year before that, I ordered a backpack… and it was too small to hold a folder.

This year I decided to ask Houston parents for their backpack recommendations, and this is what they told me!

  • If you spend a little more, you can often get a backpack with a lifetime warranty. If they break, they get fixed or replaced! Check out: Jansport, Eastpack and Land’s End.
  • If you want a teacher’s pick, based on seeing 20+ backpacks, each day for a year, it’s Pottery Barn Kids. They hold up really well!
  • If you want fun designs and good quality, check out the Disney Store.
  • If you want more good options, try Thirty-One, Hanna Andersson, Garnett Hills, High Sierra and backpacks at Burlington Coat Factory.
  • If you want to visit one store for a good backpack, the most popular recommendation is Academy.

Safety Reminder: Do not embroider your child’s name on the outside of the backpack. Anyone could walk up to your child and call them by their name! Use initials or label them on the inside.


Contributed by Jill of BigKidSmallCity

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