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The Best Money Saving Websites for Back to School Shopping!

Best Money Saving Back to School Deals

The back to school supplies are on the store shelves… but how do you get the best deal without driving all over Houston?

Lucky for us, there are other parents doing the hard work of scoping out the deals! Here are the best websites to follow to find the best deals in the store and online:

Not only can you find great deals, but on you can find recipes and tips on living frugally. It’s all about intentional finance, family and business.

This website is updated constantly (often several posts an hour) with money-saving offers, frugal deals and steals, freebies, online bargains, and much more!

This Houston mom updates deals on constantly. You can find online deals, in store deals and recipes, She also teaches couponing classes in Houston!

This Houston dad will save you money at Walmart, with our without coupons! He will also teach you about price matching and “money making” coupons at Walmart!


Contributed by Jill of BigKidSmallCity

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