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Bath Play Time

Not all kids enjoy bath time but I am very fortunate that my son loves it. Here’s a list of activities he always enjoys doing in the tub, and it sure gets his attention when I mention it’s Bath Play Time. Hopefully these games, some inspired from Babble, can help encourage other children that are shyer when it comes to getting squeaky clean and having fun.

Foam ABC’s, Numbers, Shapes
Have your child put the numbers and alphabet in order. They can point out the shapes in the water, stick them to the shower wall, or splash them as you call them out.

Blow Bubbles
You can take turns blowing bubbles (we use kid-friend liquid soap to get the bath foaming with bubbles) and see who can make the biggest one!

Water Squirt Gun
We always have a few little squirt guns around the house, so we leave a one or two in the bathroom just for Bath Play Time. Shoot to aim!

Detachable Basketball Hoop
These are always fun and can be enjoyed by kids and parents alike!

Food Coloring
What’s more fun than a normal bath? Well a normal bath with colored water, of course! Kids love the colored water!

You can’t go wrong with any of these activities. Have your own means of coaxing your little one into enjoying the bath? Tell us in the comments below.

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