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Healthy Popcorn

I love cuddling up at home on my couch and watching Netflix sometimes, and what better snack for at home movie time than microwave popcorn?  It only takes three minutes, it’s addictive to pop in your mouth and it gives you that real movie theatre experience.

The only problem is, it is massively unhealthy! They usually have all sorts of additives such as Soybean Oil, Propyl Gallate, TBHQ (what is that even?!), and “Natural Butter Flavor”, which just sounds suspicious, right? Well some healthy chicks all around the internet, like The Sensible Mom, have found out you can have your popcorn and eat it too – by making your own healthy version! No more packing on the pounds with that salty buttery junk, and don’t feel guilty when you make it for the kids.

All you need to make delicious healthy popcorn is plain popcorn kernels and a brown paper lunch sack sized bag. Simply pour 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels, which you can find in big jars at pretty much any grocery store, into the paper sack. Fold the top over and roll down a couple times, but leave plenty of room for popping!  Microwave for about two minutes, but be sure to keep you ears open for when the popping stops, you don’t want to burn it!

And that’s it! The biggest secret is that it’s the simplest thing in the world! Amazing, right? I like to top my popcorn with tons of different stuff depending on my mood.

Optional toppings:
A dash or three of your favorite hot sauce
Garlic and onion powder sprinkled on top
Fresh cheese of any kind – I mostly prefer Parmesan
Hidden Valley powdered ranch

Any of those delicious seasonings are usually sold right next to the instant popcorn at the grocery store. There you have it, now you can enjoy homemade popcorn anytime at home for a fraction of the price and the calories!  Guilt free snacking at its finest!

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