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New Year’s Eve Poppers

source: Repeat Crafter Me

source: Repeat Crafter Me

This New Year’s Eve why not try something a bit different and make your own home make poppers for your children. They are easy and cheap to make with materials you might just have at home already. Have your children pop these open and enjoy the treat inside! We found this great idea from Repeat Crafter Me.

-Wrapping paper
-Toilet paper roll
-Confetti or construction paper cut up in small pieces
-Small pieces of candy (optional)
-Small plastic toys (optional)

Use your scissors to cut the toilet paper roll in half. Then add the confetti and your small treats inside the toilet paper roll. Next grab your wrapping paper and wrap your toilet roll, then tie the sides.

Then let your little one’s break the poppers open and enjoy the New Year’s festivities!

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