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The Blowout at Drybar

Sometimes I have to stop and wonder, did I wash my hair today? … Or yesterday? Of course I’d like to think I routinely practice good hygiene, but when a hectic day–or week– hits, I don’t stay as groomed as I’d like to in a perfect world! Sometimes when my hair, and myself, is feeling a little down, and I’m heading to dinner out later, I take a few hours for myself and get a blowout at Drybar!

Drybar is a salon that specializes only in washing, drying and styling your hair. Standard blowouts, which come in a variety of styling options, are only $35 (and Shirley Temple’s for little ladies ten and under are $24)! There are also additional treats you can indulge yourself in, like scalp massages, rejuvenating hair shots, and updos.

Personally, I love just getting to relax while someone else washes and then beautifies my hair. I go with the Cosmo-Tai (and the Southern Comfort when the humidity is really bad) but the styling options are endless!

Have you been to Drybar are somewhere like it in Houston? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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