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Favorite Things Party

Everyone loved Oprah’s favorite things episode. Who doesn’t love free stuff, but also getting a product that someone you trust believes in and stands behind? We’ve seen some ladies, like on I’m A Lazy Mom doing their own personal “Favorite Things” parties, and thought this was a great idea for a girl’s night in with all of your friends.

As you may know, everyone in the audience at Oprah’s episodes received one of each of her favorite items, but since we’re not all swimming in cash you can set ground rules that make things easier on everyone financially and a bit more fun. Each woman picks out her own favorite thing, whether it is a beauty product, a favorite magazine, cocktail mixer, or accessory, but make sure it is under a designated spending limit. We noticed most women went with six-dollar limits, so that is a great place to start. Then, you all go out and buy five of each of your favorite item.

Set up the party by sending out invitations with the rules and also with some fun suggestions for items that could be under the allotted spending budget. As far as snacks, you can all potluck and BYOB. I recently saw a list of Disney inspired cocktails, and I know I will be making my favorite princess’ beverage for the next get together I am headed to! Once everyone arrives, have each woman in attendance write her name on five slips of paper and place them into a gift bag/hat to be chosen at random.

What makes this a ton of fun too, is getting to hear from each of your friends about what one of their favorite items is, and why they love it so much. After she’s done showing off her favorite item, she then pulls five names out of the hat/bag and those lucky ladies each get one of her favorite things. This is so much fun, you get to get to know your friends a bit more, experience the thrill of winning cool stuff, and everyone goes home with five items, no matter what! What a fantastic idea, we hope you try it out soon and show us your loot if you do!

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