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Learning to Spell with “BUMP”

Spelling tests are commonplace for grade school children. Your child may practice for their spelling tests by making flashcards or spelling the words out loud. With the BUMP activity, you can get the whole family involved, making study time and spelling tests more fun!

·  A few sheets of paper
·  Pencil
·  Small brown paper sack

How to play:
1. Cut the paper into 30 to 40 small cards (or less depending on the number of spelling words), making sure that they will be big enough to write on.

2. Using the words from your child’s weekly spelling bank, write a word on each card, and on 5 to 7 separate cards write the word BUMP.

3. Put all of the cards in the paper bag, and shake it to mix them up. All of the players should be sitting in a circle on the floor or at a table. Without looking, the first player will reach into the bag and grab a card.  Next, this player will read the card, cover it, and then attempt to spell the word out loud. If the player spells the word correctly, they get to keep their card. If not, they must place the card back in the bag. Give the bag to the next player and have them do the same thing.

4. After a player has collected one or more word cards, and proceeds to draw a BUMP card, they must put all of their cards back in the bag, along with the BUMP card. If the player pulls a BUMP card, but does not already have any word cards collected, they will simply put the BUMP card back in the bag.

5. Each round will last 3 to 5 minutes, and the person who has the most cards once the time is up is the winner!

This game can also be used to practice math and other school subjects. Get creative with your BUMP game and have a blast!

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