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Ice Cream ABC Matching Game

Learning the ABC’s is one of the first educational accomplishments your child will make. Take their victory one step further with this ABC matching game. Not only will they learn their letters, they will learn how to pair the lower case and upper case version of each letter together. And as an added bonus, each pair will be shaped like an ice cream cone. Yummy!

What you will need:
– Construction paper (brown paper for the cone and colorful paper for the ice cream)
– Scissors
– Marker


1. Cut 26 cone shapes from the brown construction paper, each one for each letter of the alphabet. Write a different LOWER case letter on each cone. You can add detail with marker or colored pencil, but make sure that the letter will be very visible to your child.

2. Out of the colored construction paper, cut out 26 ice-cream scoop shapes. Write an UPPER case letter on each scoop shape.

3. Have your child match up each lower case lettered cone with its respective upper case lettered ice cream scoop. When finished, you should have 26 complete ice cream cone shapes!

When your child is done with this activity, one fun way to reward them would be with their own real ice cream cone. Enjoy!

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