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9 Tips to Dress-up a Small Bathroom

When decorating your home, a smaller bathroom may seem low on the priority list.  With much bigger spaces to fill, such as your living room or master bedroom, those teeny bathrooms can be overlooked. With these 9 simple ideas for the smaller bathrooms in your home, you can easily give these little spaces some big personality!

  1. Clear the floor:  Investing in a wall-mounted sink will make a small bathroom feel larger, while freeing up floor space. This will also give the bathroom a unique style element.
  2. Utilize color: Bolster the colors you’ve chosen for your bathroom by incorporating brightly colored towels in open-faced storage units.  Using unpredicted pops of color will keep the bathroom visually pleasing.
  3. Keep a neutral backdrop: With neutral colored cabinets, floors, and walls it’s easy to add big flare with accents like fresh flowers. Change the entire color scheme of the bathroom by simply changing the colors of the bouquet.  This will keep the small space from looking too busy.
  4. Set out bathroom items, such as bath salts or q-tips in attractive canisters on a window sill or on the back of the toilet. In such close quarters, these items will always be easy to reach.
  5. Sometimes a bold shower curtain is the only pop of color or pattern you need in a small bathroom. If the space has a bathtub, leave the rest of the room neutral and choose a bold shower curtain to liven up the whole area.
  6. Don’t waste any wall space: Hanging shelves will give you extra storage without cramping the room.
  7. Avoid dark colored paint on the walls:  In most cases, dark colored walls will make a room appear smaller.
  8. Install unique towel hooks and light fixtures:  In such a small space, these details will make a huge style impact and will not go unnoticed.
  9. Add colorful tiles behind the sink, or as a middle border on the walls.  This is an affordable way to up the style factor in your bathroom, as the smaller space means you will use less tiles.

With these tips your forgotten space will now steal the show in your home!

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