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Makeup Storage DIY

Many women have a plethora of makeup items hiding away in their bathroom amongst various drawers, cabinets, boxes and shelves. You rarely end up using more than the same 3 or 4 daily products to achieve your out the door look each morning, but you own so many beautiful products that fall by the wayside.

Here’s a new way to store your makeup so you can see everything you own and pump some renewed interest into long forgotten shades of eyeshadow or blush that have been collecting dust somewhere in the far reaches of your bathroom storage. We adapted this DIY project from Laura Thoughts.

Things you’ll need:
>An old picture frame – you can pick this up at Goodwill, or grab one around the house, but it will have to be large enough to fit your makeup stash inside of it
>A piece of sheet metal cut to fit the picture frame – Home Depot can cut it for you!
>A large supply of round magnets or a strip of magnets
>Hot glue gun
>Spray adhesive
>Decorative fabric
>Paint – whichever color matches the fabric
>Plastic pencil holders – you can scoop these up in office supply aisles

Start by spray painting or hand painting the frame, or if it’s not too shabby looking you can just use it the way it is.

Spray one side of the sheet metal with the adhesive and wrap your decorative fabric onto that glued side. Make sure to press out any air bubbles, you want it tightly and smoothly placed on the metal. Place the whole thing back together as though you are framing the sheet metal. (I love the way this looks already, and think a few of these would make neat pieces above a couch or headboard!)

Next, fire up your hot glue gun and affix magnets to the bottom of your eye shadows and blushes.  Make sure to test and see if the magnet is strong enough on some of the larger or heavier items – if need be you can always attach more magnets.

For things like brushes, mascara, and eyeliner you can affix 3/4 magnets to the plastic pencil holder to create a brush holder! Hang the frame up on a wall near your mirror and you have a beautiful, artistic way to store your makeup.

No more clutter on the counters or digging through all of your drawers to find that one eyeshadow color or shade of eyeliner!

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